We’re an enthusiastic and optimistic pair on a mission to help you with your mission.

Patrick and Laurel

Patrick DiMichele is a Chicago-based designer and instructor. He's led successful digital engagements for big corporations, small startups and a wide array of healthcare, education and nonprofit organizations.

Recent clients include Exelon, Medela, McKinsey New Ventures, Accenture, Heartland Alliance, AMA, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

He'll play the roles of facilitator, problem-solver and pixel-pusher to transform fuzzy ideas into razor-sharp experiences. He also taught UX and UI design at Designation, directing students through the client phase of the program.

Patrick enjoys books, bikes, basketball and referring to himself in the third-person.

Laurel Hechanova is a designer and design curriculum advisor living in sunny Oakland. She specializes in creating intuitive, research-based products for healthcare, nonprofit, and public sector organizations.

Recent clients include the American Medical Association, Salesforce Foundation, FEMA, the City of Los Angeles and McKinsey & Company.

She'll help align your team on the problem you’re trying to solve and reduce the risk involved in implementing your solution. She also taught user experience at General Assembly and wrote
UX curricula for Springboard.

Laurel is an illustrator, podcaster and avid reader. She will contribute puns at no additional cost.

Mark Rickmeier

“Laurel and Patrick have acted as true partners - working both on and in the business. They've jumped into all areas of our engagements (strategy, research, design, prototyping) and helped us guide the direction of our design practice.”

Mark Rickmeier | CEO, Table XI

Caterina Fake

“Yes! Yes to Laurel. She is wonderful to work with, builds the company culture, is kind and considerate, and yet bold and unafraid to take things on and make things happen. I don't write recommendations for people I wouldn't hire (again!) myself. Laurel is at the top of the list.”

Caterina Fake | Partner & Co-founder, Yes VC

Carryn Quibell

“Patrick is smart, strategic, thoughtful and a true leader. But balanced with a pragmatic approach to problem solving that ensures recommendations are feasible and work gets done. He is a true talent and carries my highest recommendation.”

Carryn Quibell | Owner & CEO, Marmalade

Brian Ferguson

“Laurel is a dynamic designer & creative. Her ability to draw out insights at both the individual frontline staff and strategic levels was invaluable in our work. She has a humble approach that is effective in bringing to life every voice in the room. Her impact was palpable and brought about a new way of illuminating ideas and change.”

Brian Ferguson | CEO, Arena Labs

Ryan Lindsley

“Patrick was key to helping multiple parts of our organization come together and develop a solution that has become one of our greatest successes in 2018. He brings a unique mix of design expertise and business strategy competency, leading to results that tend to be more human and innovative.”

Ryan Lindsley Sr. Director Digital Business, Medela

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