We use design to generate impact. As results-oriented designers, we help clients prototype and plan digital experiences that achieve business goals. As seasoned design leaders, we help clients structure and train high-performing teams that build organizational momentum.

Let’s make good, together.


We’re committed to partnering with good people and good organizations.


Improving patient experience while descreasing complexity.


Making effective communications, experiences and visualizations.

Arts & Culture

Creating touchpoints that extend concepts into the digital world.


Engaging students, prospects, alumni and donors via digital.

Issue Advocacy

Persuading advocates and visitors to take meaningful action.

Public Service

Equipping government employees and constituents with relevant info.

1. Reveal the Possible

Using research, analysis and co-design workshops, we identify the needs and motivations driving your organization and your audience. Then we harness insights to reveal your most valuable and viable opportunity areas.

2. Prioritize the Practical

Through rapid prototyping and feasibility assessment, we turn big ideas into tangible artifacts. Our team iterates based on input from your organization, feedback from your users and capability of your technology.

3. Deliver the Impactful

Focused on launching a minimum viable product, we distill the key features of your new website, mobile app or web-based application. We build the functionality that provides the most ROI to you and value to your users.


We're small, friendly and hands-on every step of the way.


Laurel Hechanova
Laurel is an experience designer living in sunny Oakland. She specializes in creating intuitive, research-based products for healthcare, education, public sector and nonprofit organizations. Her previous clients include the American Medical Association, Salesforce Foundation, FEMA, MIT and Brown University.

She'll use design to help your team get aligned on the problem you're trying to solve and reduce the risk involved in implementing your solution. She'll also contribute puns at no additional cost.


Patrick DiMichele
Patrick is a Chicago-based designer focused on impact. He's led successful digital projects for big corporations, tiny startups and lots of healthcare, education and nonprofit organizations. His recent clients include Exelon, Accenture, the American Medical Association, Heartland Alliance and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

He'll play the roles of facilitator, problem-solver and pixel-pusher to help transform fuzzy ideas into razor-sharp experiences. He enjoys books, bikes and referring to himself in the third-person.